June 7, 2023

Okbet Golf | Tiger Woods comeback at the PNC Championship showed the harsh truth that he now faces

Okbet Golf | Tiger Woods' comeback at the PNC Championship showed the harsh truth that he now faces

Okbet Golf | Tiger Woods' comeback at the PNC Championship showed the harsh truth that he now faces


The incident inspired a great deal of optimism over the near-term future of Tiger Woods.

The golf tournament had gone the entire year without his bright red shirt on Sunday, but all of a sudden it had two of them. Woods and his son Charlie, who is 12 years old and dressed exactly like his father, headed down the 18th fairway of the PNC Championship tied for the lead, and for a split second, the unthinkable seemed like it may be possible.

Even though it was a scramble, he managed to come out on top and win his first event in the ten months since the vehicle accident that severely injured his right leg.
But then Woods missed the green to the right, both players chipped too hard trying to sink it for eagle, both players missed putts for birdie, and par was never going to be enough to win. John Daly and his son, who was attending college at the time, were the winners of the championship belt.

The point of discussion was a statement made by Matt Kuchar, who played with Tiger Woods in the final round and mentioned that Woods’s game and swing appeared to be ready for the PGA Tour.

“I completely disagree with this. I’m not even close to that level yet. I am not currently in a position to compete with these other guys. No, “Woods said.

Those of you who are keeping score at home, that was his fifth “No.”

The last thing anyone heard from Woods was him saying, “It’s going to take a lot of work to get to where I believe I can compete against these guys and be at a high level,” and then he left.

At the very least, he managed to finish the year on a positive note.

Although this might not seem like a big deal, it was really the 26th year in a row that Woods competed in at least one professional tournament. After seeing images of his crumpled SUV at the bottom of a hill in the Los Angeles suburbs and hearing words like “comminuted open fractures,” which is medical speak for a bone that was broken in at least three places and broke through the skin, it didn’t seem likely that he would survive the accident.

Woods has also stated that amputation was a potential option. The “Tiger Woods of doctors,” so the saying goes, were on duty when he was brought in, according to the word on the medical street. Lucky man.

And then, ten months later, he and his son played without making any bogeys (which was one of their goals) and had a wonderful time (which was the other goal), finished at 25 under par in 36 holes, hit 11 consecutive birdies, and came very close to winning the competition.

“The competitive impulses, they are not going away,” Woods said. “They are never going to go away.” “This is the atmosphere in which I work. This is something that I’ve been doing for the entirety of my life. I just want to express how grateful I am to be given the chance to carry out this activity once more.”

There is never any coverage of golf on the top page of a sports newspaper in the month of December.

Welcome back, Tiger.

The next logical step, therefore, was to speculate about the time frame within which he might next show up. Woods and Lee Trevino are both in the dark about this information.

Another element of intrigue is the second question, which is “where.”

Woods will be forever associated with the Masters since it was there that he created a landmark in the history of golf with his 12-shot triumph when he was just 21 years old in 1997, and it was also there that he returned from four back surgeries to win a fifth green jacket in 2019.

Tiger Woods

Woods claimed that he did not take a single day off while he was in rehabilitation; the first round of the 2022 Masters begins in 107 days. Who can say for sure? However, walking is a significant component of the game, and Woods used a cart at the PNC Championship. The most beautiful garden and the most challenging stroll are both found at Augusta National.

While Ian Poulter was watching Tiger Woods play on Saturday, he was thinking about this topic. Going up the steep hill on No. 1, going down the hill on No. 2, going up the hill on No. 3, and going down and then going up on No. 4 are the order of the ascents. He continued on and on until someone mentioned that the par three 12th hole, which was played over Rae’s Creek, was a very simple walk.

Poulter chuckled as he realized that his point had been proven and then stated, “You do have the bridge.”

After golfers get down the enormous slope from the first tee, which means they will ultimately have to go back up, the walk at Southern Hills, where the 2022 PGA Championship will be held, is a rather simple one.

Getting out of the pot bunkers at St. Andrews, which will host the British Open in 2022, is the most difficult challenge on the course (Woods didn’t hit into any of them when he won the tournament by eight strokes as a 24-year-old in 2000).

Woods doesn’t have a lot of information about his future, but he does know that he won’t be playing a full schedule ever again. It will be up to him to choose the locations. He said, “And even then, my body might not comply.”

When Tiger Woods stuffed a towering 4-iron shot from 220 yards to 8 feet during the opening round of the tournament, Justin Thomas was playing alongside him, and Woods outdrove the 28-year-old on the 11th hole. Thomas sees more of Woods than any other player, and he was playing alongside Woods when the shot occurred.

According to Thomas, “he’s not that far away” in terms of hitting shots and all the other stuff that goes along with it. “But what about the ability to compete and walk the course of 72 holes for several weeks in a row? You’re right, that’s a totally different tale. And he is the only person who can provide a response to that.”

When it was all finished, the explanation might be found in the relaxed smile that he wore. When Woods comes in second place, he does not grin very much. However, this was nothing more than him playing with his son. That made him happy, it seemed.


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