June 7, 2023

FOOTBALL BETTING GUIDE | How to Bet on Football: A Primer

okbet FOOTBALL BETTING GUIDE | How to Bet on Football: A Primer

FOOTBALL BETTING GUIDE | How to Bet on Football: A Primer

This book was written by a novice bettor for other novices, and it shows football betting guide. As you may or may not know, I am not a professional bettor like my friend Ian, who has a lengthy history of wagering on football games. When it comes to football, I’m a bit of a dunce, but I know my way around the web and can whip up some pretty cool stuff with it.

The site is great, however, so I looked into football betting to see how I might better participate in the discussions here. I decided to compile my findings after a long period of study and use them as the basis for a guide to football betting.

You may be wondering why I didn’t have Ian, the expert, write this tutorial, but the fact is that I thought it would be more helpful if it came from someone who was just learning the ropes. Because Ian is so knowledgeable, he may mistake my ignorance for expertise; obviously, that can’t happen.

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Football Betting Jargon

To get things rolling, I’ll go over a few phrases often used in football wagering.

Put simply, the stake is the amount of money you’re willing to lose on a wager if you don’t pull it off.

A football accumulator is a collection of single bets with the expectation that the combined odds will be greater than the sum of the individual bets. It’s usually accumulators that are responsible for the stories of individuals wagering £5 and winning £2,000 or more. Risky bets are necessary because of the high probability of failure for every given wager.

When one team is obviously superior than the other, a handicap bet may be made. A handicap is a little advantage given to the underdog. The underdog may be granted a one-goal advantage, for instance. Later on in this essay, I’ll go into more detail on what exactly Handicapping is.

You place a half-time/full-time wager if you correctly anticipate the outcome of either the first half or the whole game. That’s why it’s reasonable to expect a scoreless first half and a home team victory in the second.

With a banker, the tipster is quite certain that the wager will win. One way we help our members is by providing them with advice suitable for a banker.

Scorecasting involves making a prediction of the final score and a wager on which player will score the game’s first goal.

Rather of wagering on which player will score, with a wincast you predict which team will win the game.

Whenever people wager on specific players (for example, as goal scorers), the term “90-Minute Betting” comes up frequently. If the player in question doesn’t appear during the regular 90 minutes of the game, the wager is voided, but the wager stands if the player appears within the 90-Minute Betting window.

Most online betting services adhere to a policy known as the 24-hour rule, which states that if a match is postponed, the wager remains valid as long as the rescheduled date is within 24 hours. Thus, if a match is postponed by two hours, the wager remains valid.

A wager on the total number of goals scored, expressed as an over/under pair such as “over 2.5” or “under 2.5,” for instance, would win if three or more goals were scored. Having less than 2.5 goals scored is indicated by a score of 0, 1, or 2.

DNB means “Draw No Bet,” which is a common abbreviation in gambling. If the game ends in a tie, you will get a full refund of your wager. While this may seem like the safer bet, keep in mind that the odds are generally lower when you go this route.
You win a Double Chance wager if your chosen team or player wins OR if the game ends in a tie. You will lose the wager if the team you picked comes in last. Similar to DNB, the odds are lower but the bet is safer.

Your bankroll is the total amount of money you may wager. To learn more about the bankroll, read what we’ve published.


For a long time, handicaps were a total mystery to me, therefore I’d want to take a close look at how they work. Due to the popularity of this inquiry, I have prepared a primer on Asian and European betting lines.

Compilers Versus Individual Bets

I decided to go into some depth on these two betting methods since they are the most popular ones currently being used. We make no secret of the fact that Ian leans toward singles, but if you don’t understand the key distinctions, it won’t assist you much.

In order to collect on an accumulator bet, each of the individual wagers must come in as a winner. Because of this, success is more elusive, but the payoff is also considerably higher. When you’re just starting out as a football gambler, accumulators might seem like a great way to make a little investment go a long way.

Contrarily, single wagers are immune to the effects of multiples. Therefore, if I wager ten pounds on three separate matches as singles and two of them win, I will come out ahead. The chances of me coming out ahead are better than if I rolled all my bets into one accumulator, but the odds aren’t as excellent.

The key piece of advise is to figure out what works best for you. It’s not wise to just go with the most popular opinion, especially when it comes to investing strategies like accumulators vs. singles. Find out what works best for you by doing some research and testing several strategies with little bets.

Convincing the bookies to go your way

okbet own the win

When you begin betting on sports, you will find several bookies to choose from. You’ll find that each person has their own approach to problems and their own preferences for how you should collaborate with them. We’ve laid out what to watch out for and how to argue your case if you believe a bookmaker has harmed you, which we know may be a scary prospect.

Advice that everyone agrees is helpful

There is no way to provide a comprehensive guide to football betting without including some helpful hints. Having done extensive study and conducting in-depth interviews with professional football tipsters, I can now share with you the following list of widely acknowledged, useful advice.

Gamble with your intellect, not your emotions.

To put it another way, if you really want a team to win, you shouldn’t gamble on them.

Similarly, if you’re going to wager against a team you don’t like, do it because you believe they’ll lose, not because you dislike them.

Keep your avarice in check

I have caught myself being greedy twice: first, by including more teams in an accumulator only because doing so would increase my maximum payment; and second, by ignoring the odds of a loss in favor of a larger potential reward. Generally speaking, this is a lousy plan.

As for the second, I have put more money on a team than I had planned. When betting, it’s important to have a predetermined strategy and adhere to it.

Don’t lose your cool

If you want to make money betting on football, you need to be patient and choose the correct bets for you, since you will not win every bet.

Play only with money you can afford to lose

When I’m considering a bet, I ask myself whether or not I would be okay with losing the amount of money I plan to wager. In that case, I won’t be making the wager.

If wagering on football is becoming a problem, assistance should be sought.

I recommend getting some assistance if you feel like gambling is becoming an issue in your life. Checking out GambleAware might be beneficial.

Don’t put your faith in friends

They are much too erratic, since you can never tell how hard either side is trying and the bench may be used when you least expect it.

Players may play less aggressively than usual in preseason friendly if they are concerned about sustaining injuries ahead of the start of the regular season.

Aware of What Drives Your Team

What I mean is that two clubs may seem to be comparable on paper, but if one of them has already won the league and the other is struggling to remain in the league, the good-on-paper team is likely to be coasting while the other team is fighting for its own existence.

football betting jargon

Some of the phrases I’ve underlined at the beginning of this post may be unfamiliar to North American visitors to our site. Here’s a simple explanation in English.

  • Locks are often referred to as “bankers”
  • We refer to parlays as “accumulators.”
  • “Singles” are shorthand for “straight bets.”
  • We use the term “fixtures” to refer to a Wagering Event.

Do you have any questions concerning our football betting guide?

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and post them below! It’s true that there is no such thing as a foolish question, just an unasked one.

If you still have questions or anything wasn’t clear, it’s because we didn’t do a good job and we’d love to hear your suggestions on how we can improve this post.

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Steps to Take

I recommend joining as a member or creating an account with a reputable online bookmaker if you are ready to begin placing real money wagers on football games.