June 7, 2023

Leicester City’s manager Brendan Rodgers says the team will “fight on,” but is that enough? – OKBet Football

Leicester City's manager Brendan Rodgers says the team will "fight on," but is that enough? - OKBet Football

Leicester City's manager Brendan Rodgers says the team will "fight on," but is that enough? - OKBet Football


Brendan Rodgers, the manager of Leicester City, has stated that the club will “fight on” despite the intense scrutiny that has been placed on his position. The question now is whether or not he will be able to turn things around.

After suffering their worst start to a season since 1983 on Saturday when they were routed 6-2 away at Tottenham, the Foxes find themselves at the foot of the standings with just one point after their first seven games.

The actual score was deceptive due to the fact that Son Heung-min scored a hat trick after coming off the bench in a game that had been rather tight up until that point.

The problem, though, is that the Foxes have now lost their last six games in a row as a result of this.

Rodgers is one of only four managers to have led Leicester to a trophy, and it was only 16 months ago that they won their first FA Cup.

How much money does he have available in the bank, exactly?

Leicester City's manager Brendan Rodgers says the team will "fight on," but is that enough? - OKBet Football

Rodgers accepts the strain by saying, “I understand the game.”
Rodgers, who took over for Claude Puel as manager in February 2019, stated the following to BBC Sport: “I never doubt that we are capable of overcoming this challenge.

“You didn’t see any teams today who were lacking in confidence, which is a sign of strength in any setting.

“I will never give up, but I have a decent understanding of the game, and I know that losing six games in a row isn’t good for anyone.”

In a another interview, he was quoted as saying: “I can completely empathize with the annoyance that the supporters feel. That is something I can’t get away from. It is my obligation to do so.

“Due to the fact that they have shown me a lot of support throughout the years, I will always hold a tremendous amount of respect for the owners. I am aware of the rules of the game. I will always respect them no matter what happens to me at Leicester, regardless of whether or not I stay and continue to fight.”

James Maddison, who scored the goal that tied the score at 2-2 going into halftime, stated that the players need to accept their fair amount of responsibility for the loss.

According to what he said on Sky Sports, “people will check the result and see 6-2 and go ‘wow, Leicester got pummeled again.’ but I don’t think that was the reality.”

“The first half had the feel of the Leicester team that we are familiar with and the Brendan Rodgers teams that we have created in the last few years, with the strong press and creating chances. It is difficult to swallow.

“The players, and not just Rodgers, should absolutely bear some of the responsibility for the loss. It is a group effort, not the responsibility of the manager; out there, we are an XI. It’s frustrating when you have a lot of respect for the manager, but in the end, we are the ones playing the game, and we haven’t been performing well as of late.”

How terrible have things been in Leicester?

Leicester City's manager Brendan Rodgers says the team will "fight on," but is that enough? - OKBet Football

Leicester is the tenth team in the Premier League to earn one point (or none) during the first seven games of the season.

From that point on, only Crystal Palace in 2017-18, Southampton in 1998-99, Newcastle in 1999-2000, and Sunderland in 2013-14 have managed to remain in the Premier League.

The only one of those four teams to maintain the same manager throughout was the Saints, who did so under the direction of Dave Jones.

This season in the league, only seven other teams have scored more goals than Leicester’s ten total goals scored. But the back of their house has always been an issue because of how leaky it is.

After seven matches in the Premier League, they have given up 22 goals, which is the most by any side since West Ham in 1965–1966.

Youri Tielemans gave Leicester an early lead at Spurs, but Harry Kane quickly tied the score, and then Eric Dier handed Spurs the lead. Before halftime, Maddison scored to make the score even, and then Rodrigo Bentancur and Son’s hat tricks brought Spurs even with the leaders in terms of points.

The most goals by any team in the Premier League since the beginning of the previous season have come from set pieces, with Leicester being the team that has given up the most goals from such situations with 25.

According to Rodgers, four of the six goals were the result of individual mistakes.

The Northern Irishman has never before had a losing streak of six games in a succession during his time in command of Watford, Reading, Swansea, Liverpool, and Celtic, where he won seven titles in less than three years before moving to take over at Leicester.

They enter the break having conceded 11 goals in their previous two games, with their most recent loss coming at the hands of Brighton, where they were defeated by a score of 5-2.

The prognosis for Rodgers’s future has been described as “a dismal picture.”

In the four years that Rodgers has been in charge of the Foxes, the team has finished ninth, fifth, fifth, and eighth respectively.

The only other time they finished better than fifth in the top division was in 1962–1963 when they won the historic title in the 2015–2016 season under the direction of Claudio Ranieri.

The only people to ever win a trophy while playing for Leicester are Ranieri, Rodgers, Martin O’Neill (1997 and 2000 League Cups), and Matt Gillies (1964 League Cup).

In the final season of his career, the former England defender Matt Upson donned the jersey of the Foxes. This season took place in 2014-2015.

While he was watching the game on BBC Radio 5 Live, he made the following comment: “The ownership has a difficult decision ahead of them. When that time comes for certain clubs, it is immediately evident that something needs to be different.

“There are some positives and some negatives for Leicester to be found in this article. Even though things are not all gloom and doom, Brendan Rodgers is in a precarious position when one considers the standings and the points.”

It is obvious that Rodgers is irritated by the fact that the Foxes have been the least active team in the Premier League in the transfer market this summer.

They only brought in Wout Faes, a defender from Reims, as a replacement for Wesley Fofana, who left for Chelsea, and Alex Smithies, a goalkeeper who was their third choice after Kasper Schmeichel, their number one and captain, left for Nice.

Because Brendan has been going on and on about how he needs additional employees, you have to wonder: Does he want to be put out of his misery? questioned Chris Sutton, a former striker with Celtic.

Robbie Savage, a former midfielder for the Foxes, posed the question to Rodgers about whether or not the club owes him a debt of gratitude for remaining there when he might have pursued other opportunities elsewhere.

“He has had a lot of success throughout his time at Leicester, and if he has received offers from other clubs during that time but has remained committed to Leicester, does he deserve the chance to play somewhere else?

“The question that needs to be asked of the owner is whether or not they believe that Leicester will remain in the league with Brendan Rodgers in charge,”


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